1. Open the Lync/Skype4b client and sign in.

  2. Browse to http://download.attendantpro.com

  3. Download the latest MSI setup file or the Click Once Installer.

    The MSI installation package will install Attendant Pro for use on all user profiles and will need Admin privileges on the Computer to complete the installation.

    The Click once installer will install Attendant Pro on the current user profile and does not need admin privileges to complete the installation.

  4. Run the downloaded setup file and click through the setup.

  5. Open Attendant Pro from the start screen/menu.

  6. Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of Attendant Pro.

  7. On the “General” tab click “Get Key”. The Authorization field should populate a key. Alternatively, a key can be pasted into the Authorization key field. (You will receive an email with an Authorization key after you have purchased Attendant Pro.)

  8. Click “OK” on the bottom left corner of the Options window.

  9. Begin to use Attendant Pro.

Upgrading to a newer version:

If the same installation package(MSI or click-once) is installed as what was previously installed, the installation process will automatically remove the previous version, install the latest version, and also import the previous versions user settings.
If the installation package is not the same as the previous install, you will notice two installations of Attendant Pro with the latest version having factory default settings.  You can remove the older installation without affecting the new installation, but be aware that the older versions user settings will be lost.