Below is a complete list of registry values that will control Attendant Pro settings.

We support and recommend using Group policy to push out these registry values.

The registry values should be added to one of two locations depending on the environment:

Per User:


Per Machine (Version 1.0.6110.28788 and newer):


The "LandisComputer" and "Attendant Pro" subkeys will need to be manually created.

In the AttendantPro subkey, right click and add New | String Value with the name of one of the settings below and the appropriate data.

The setting will take effect immediately. In the Attendant Pro Setting window, the setting will now be locked and not editable since you have set this setting from the registry.



Registry Value:Setting Description:
AddParticipant_MethodAvailabilityAdd Participant Button Visibility
AlwaysOnTopAlways On Top
AppSizeSetFont Size
AuthorizationKeyAuthorization Key
Start application on boot
BaseLookupURLLookup URL (Caller Information Panel)
BlindTransfer_MethodAvailabilityBlind Transfer Button Visibility
CallbackEmailBodyCall back Email Body
CallbackEmailSubjectCall back Email Subject
Call Colors "Caller" field
Caller information panel source
CDR Upload Folder Path
Reporting upload folder path
Call toast style
ClearTransferModeOnHoldClear Transfer Mode On Hold
Custom contact card contact buttons
Custom contact card contact row 1
Custom contact card contact row 2
Custom contact card contact row 3
ConsultTransfer_MethodAvailabilityConsult Transfer Button Visibility
ContactDoubleClickActionContact Double Click Action
ContactNotesMailboxCentral Notes Mailbox
CustomContactLayout1Custom Contact Layout 1
CustomContactLayout2Custom Contact Layout 2
CustomContactLayout3Custom Contact Layout 3
Custom List Contact Layout
DefaultContactGroupDefault Contact Group
DefaultContactLayoutDefault Contact Layout
DefaultGroupLayoutContact Groups Layout
DefaultLanguageDefault Language
EnableCDREnable CDR (reporting)
EnableCDRKPI_AvgTimeToAnswerEnable CDR Average Time To Answer
EnableCDRKPI_AvgTimeToTransferEnable CDR Average Time To Transfer
EnableCDRKPI_TotalCallsTodayEnable CDR Total Calls Today
EnableEWSIntegrationEnable EWS Integration
EnableKeypadEnable Keypad
Show Microsoft Teams groups
Enable trace logging
Enable transfer adviser
EnableUCWAIntegrationEnable UCWA Integration
EWS authentication methods
How often the Exchange GAL is downloaded in hours
EWSService_AlternateEmailAddressEWS Alt. Email
FocusOnIncomingCallFocus On Incoming Call
HoldOnBeginTransferHold On Begin Transfer
Hold time critical alert in seconds
Hold time alerts enabled
Hold time warning alerts in seconds
HotkeyAnswerHotkey Answer
HotkeyAnswer_IsGlobalHotkey Answer Is Global
HotkeyDisconnectHotkey Disconnect
HotkeyDisconnect_IsGlobalHotkey Disconnect Is Global
HotkeyGrabFocusHotkey Grab Focus
HotkeyGrabFocus_IsGlobalHotkey Grab Focus Is Global
HotkeyHoldHotkey Hold
HotkeyHold_IsGlobalHotkey Hold Is Global
Hotkey History Panel
Hotkey History panel is Global
Hotkey Contacts Panel
Hotkey Contacts Panel is Global
HotkeyParkHotkey Park
HotkeyPark_IsGlobalHotkey Park Is Global
HotkeyRetrieveHotkey Retrieve
HotkeyRetrieve_IsGlobalHotkey Retrieve Is Global
HotkeyRGSSignInAllHotkey RGS Sign In All
HotkeyRGSSignInAll_IsGlobalHotkey RGS Sign In All Is Global
HotkeyRGSSignOutAllHotkey RGS Sign Out All
HotkeyRGSSignOutAll_IsGlobalHotkey RGS Sign Out All Is Global
HotkeySelectDialHotkey Select Dial
HotkeySelectDial_IsGlobalHotkey Select Dial Is Global
HotkeyStartStopRecordingHotkey Start / Stop Recording
HotkeyStartStopRecording_IsGlobalHotkey Start / Stop Recording Is Global
HotkeyTransferAddPersonHotkey Add Person
HotkeyTransferAddPerson_IsGlobalHotkey Add Person Is Global
HotkeyTransferBlindHotkey Transfer Blind
HotkeyTransferBlind_IsGlobalHotkey Transfer Blind Is Global
HotkeyTransferConsultHotkey Consult Transfer
HotkeyTransferConsult_IsGlobalHotkey Consult Transfer Is Global
Hotkey IM Consult Transfer
Hotkey IM Consult Transfer Is Global
HotkeyTransferParkForIndividualHotkey Transfer Park For Individual
HotkeyTransferParkForIndividual_IsGlobalHotkey Park For Individual Is Global
HotkeyTransferSafeHotkey Transfer Safe
HotkeyTransferSafe_IsGlobalHotkey Safe Transfer Is Global
IM Consult Transfer Automatic Transfer Delay in Seconds
IM Consult Transfer Caller Information Template
IM Consult Transfer Enable Automatic Transfer from Hold
IM Consult Transfer Initial Message Template
IM Consult Transfer Reject all Calls Response Template
IM Consult Transfer Send all Calls to Voicemail ResponseTemplate
IM Consult Transfer No Response Template
IM Consult Transfer Voicemail Response Template
IM Consult Transfer Yes Response Template
IM Consult Transfer Subject Template
IM Consult Button Visibility
LyncWebServicesHostNameLync Web Services Host Name
Microsoft Teams Alternate Username
OneClickTransferTypeOne Click Transfer Type
Park_MethodAvailabilityPark Button Visibility
ParkFor_MethodAvailabilityPark For Button Visibility
ParkForMessagePark For Message
ParkForSubjectPark For Subject
PhoneNumberPatternPhone Number Pattern (Caller Information panel)
PhoneNumberTranslationPhone Number Translator (Caller Information)
PlayClickSoundEnable Button Click
QASCollectionQuick Access Shortcut Collection
Recording_AutomaticDeviceSelection_MicrophoneAutomatic Device Selection Microphone (Recording)
Recording_AutomaticDeviceSelection_SpeakerAutomatic Speaker Selection (Recording)
Recording_EnableMP3EncodingEnable MP3 Encoding (Recording)
Recording_FileNameRecording File Name
Recording_SelectedDevice_MicrophoneManual Microphone Selection (Recording)
Recording_SelectedDevice_SpeakerManual Speaker Selection (Recording)
RecordingModeRecording Mode
RecordingsFolderPathRecordings Folder Path
Call Colors "Represented by" field
RevertToMyselfAfterCallRevert "Call For" Delegate/RGS to Myself After 1 Call
SafeTransfer_MethodAvailabilitySafe Transfer Button Visibility
Search_EWSAddressBookIDEWS Address Book ID (Advanced Search)
Search_NumberOfRecordsToReturnSearch Result Limit
List of Personal Outlook Contact Folders to Search (Advanced Search)
Search_PublicFolderListList of Public Folders to Search (Advanced Search)
Search_SearchPrefilterAll Searches Filter
Search_SearchTypeSearch Type
SearchBoxSendsDTMFSearch Box Sends DTMF
CSV Contact list Network Path (Advanced Search)
SearchSource_CSVTextFileImportSearch CSV Contact List(s) (Advanced Search)
SearchSource_EWSAddressBookDownloadSearch Exchange Web Service Address Book (Advanced Search)
Search Exchange Personal Contact Folders (Advanced Search)
SearchSource_EWSPublicFolderDownloadSearch EWS Public Folder Contact List(s) (Advanced Search)
ShowCallerInformationPanelShow Caller Info Panel
ShowContactDetailsPanelShow Contact Details Panel
Contact Card Tooltip
ShowRGSPanelShow RGS Agent Group Information Panel
ShowSearchFilterPanelShow Search Filter Panel
Start IM Button Visibility
Start / Stop Video Button Visibility
SuppressCallToastSuppress Call Toast
SuppressCallWindowSuppress Call Window
SuppressInactiveCallWindowsSuppress Inactive Call Windows
UCWA_AlternateSipAddressUCWA Alternate Sip Address
UISkinUser Interface


How to find the value data for the above registry value:

1. On a computer running the MSI version 1.0.6229.30832 or newer of Attendant Pro, configure the Attendant Pro setting(s) that you would like to deploy with group policy/registry values.

2. Open the Options Window | Configuration Information tab | Export Config File button. Save the AttendantProSettings.config file to any desired location.

4. Open the AttendantProSettings.config file. You can use notepad or any other XML editor.

5. Find the setting name from the above list.

6. Directly below the setting you will find the value of the setting. This is the value data for the registry value. 

In the example below, BlindTransfer is the value data for the OneClickTransferType registry value.

The setting is now be locked and not editable. See below:



Tip: When entering a custom contact layout into a GPO/Registry value, the XAML code will need to be one long string without line feeds and carriage returns.