Description of problem:

    No results will be returned in Attendant Pro when a search is performed using partial first and partial last display name.  Basic search in Attendant Pro leverages the search built into the Lync/Skype4B SDK. In this case, the SDK is causing the inconsistency in search results.


    In Attendant Pro search is set to Basic.

    In The user’s Lync/Skype4B client policy, the addressbookpolicy is set to websearchonly.

    Contacts being searched are not in the user’s Outlook contacts.


    Example display name of user to be searched:  John Smith

    When a user types “Jo Sm” in Attendant Pro, no results are returned. In the Lync/Skype4B client, the same search will return John Smith.


    In the user’s Lync/Skype4B client policy, change the addressbookpolicy to either WebSearchAndFileDownload or FileDownloadOnly.