Prerequisites: Exchange 2013 or newer.

                       Domain joined computer.

                       Domain user logged into computer.

                       Domain user has an Exchange Mailbox.

  • Open the Options window and click on the “Search” tab. 
  •   Change “Search” to “Advanced”.

  •   Enable “Search Exchange Web Service Address Book”.

  •   Attendant Pro will automatically try to get the Global Address list GUID.  If it your environment doesn't support the retrieval of the GUID or if you want to enter a specific address list GUID, you will need to enter the Address List GUID in the “EWS Address Book ID” Field.

    •   Click on the “Configuration Information” Tab.
    •   Make sure “Enable EWS Integration” is checked.
    •   Click “OK”.

    •   Restart Attendant Pro, wait approximately a minute, then perform a test search. If results are returned, Advanced Search has been successfully configured.