Exchange 2013 or newer or Office 365.

Each Attendant Pro user has an Exchange mailbox.



  1. Create a mailbox for central notes in Exchange. Below is an example:

  2. Give full access permissions to all Attendant Pro Users.

  3. Enable EWS Integration in Attendant Pro (Apply settings to each Attendant Pro console)


             Open Attendant Pro Options Window (Gear Icon) > Configuration Information Tab > Place a check in the box to “Enable EWS Integration”.

            See link below for more requirements if using Office 365/Exchange online:



    4.   Fill in the central notes mailbox field in Attendant Pro with the email address of the newly created mailbox. Restart Attendant Pro. (Apply settings to each Attendant Pro console)

       The notes for the contacts in Attendant Pro will be stored in the shared mailbox.