How to configure and view the reporting dashboard on a remote PC.

Prerequisites: Excel 2013 or newer.

1. Verify the date and time format in Attendant Pro is the same as the local and remote PCs. The time and date format in Attendant Pro is controlled by the "Default Language" setting.

2. Enable call detail and reporting.

        Attendant Pro Options window | Reporting tab | Enable Call Detail Reporting check box and applicable check boxes below it.

3. Point the Upload folder location to a network share.

4. Click on one of the Call detail reporting stats on the bottom right corner of Attendant Pro. This will open the call detail reporting dashboard in Excel. Save a copy of this dashboard to a network location accessible by the remote PC.

5. Place at least one test call to the Attendant Pro user. This will create a file called AttendantPro_CallDetails.csv file on the network share specified.

6. On the remote PC, open the call reporting dashboard | Data tab | Connections button. 

7. In the Workbook Connections window, select "AttendantPro_CallDetails" and click the Properties button.

8. Click on the Definition tab and click the "Edit Query..." button. Browse to the network share and select the AttendantPro_CallDetails.csv file.

9. The Text Import Wizard will automatically start. 

         Select "Delimited", Start import at row 1, File origin "437:OEM United States", "My Data has headers" | Next | Select only comma delimiters | Next | Finish.

10. Select "OK" on the Connection Properties Window

11. Click "Close" on the Workbook Connections window.

12. Click the "Refresh All" button on the DATA tab.