1. Verify you are using a supported browser. 


    Supported browsers are Chrome and Edge.


2. Verify the user signing in has a Microsoft Teams license.

3. Try signing in using an incognito or InPrivate browser window


4. Verify the correct admin Consent has been granted.


5. In the scenario where the page is stuck loading:


        a. Select the avatar on the top right corner of Landis Attendant Console.


        b. Select Sign Out.


        c. On the main login page (https://ac.landis.cloud), select the Admin Consent Link on the bottom of the page.              See screenshot below:

        d. Sign in with a Microsoft 365 administrator account


        e. Accept the required permissions


        f. Sign into the attendant console again.


6. Connect to Azure AD in PowerShell and run the following command:

      New-AzureADServicePrincipal -AppId "1fd5118e-2576-4263-8130-9503064c837a"

7. Desktop Application Only: Close Landis Attendant Console and delete the following file if it exists:


8. Desktop Application Only: Whitelist the application in any antivirus or security software. See: Desktop App Antivirus Exclusions - Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams 

9. Desktop Application Only:  Change the default web browser to Edge.

10. Desktop Application Only: Uninstall the application, delete the folders below, and reinstall.


%appdata%\Landis Attendant Console

11. Desktop Application Only: If the application is being centrally deployed, Attendant Console only supports Per-user installation and does not support a Per-Machine configuration due to the fact that this moves the program location. Per-Machine installations will not allow the user to sign into the application.

12. Desktop Application Only: At this time authenticated proxies are not supported in the desktop application and will not allow the user to sign into the application. If using an authenticated proxy, please use the browser.