1. Enable the "Verbose" logging level in the Attendant Console settings (accessed via the 3 dots next to the user avatar in the top right corner of the Attendant Console  - "Advanced" tab.
  2. Replicate the issue (if possible).
  3. When the issue occurs, document the time of the call and the phone numbers and contacts involved in the call.
  4. Open the Attendant Console settings - "Advanced" tab and click the "export logs" button (Important Note - Log exports only contain log history for the previous 15 minutes).
  5. Attach the file that is downloaded to your Landis support ticket and include the information gathered in step 3. If there is no ticket to reference, create a new support ticket at support.landis.cloud with a brief description of the issue, the information from step 3, and the logs file downloaded in step 4).