Below is a PowerShell script to convert audio prompts to the proper format required for Landis Contact Center.

The file paths will need to be updated for your environment.

The script is using Teams to perform the conversion. The script will prompt for Teams admin credentials.


#File to convert:
$existingFile = "C:\temp\greeting.mp3"
#New converted file:
$convertedFile = "C:\temp\convertedgreeting.wav"

$audioFile = Import-CsOnlineAudioFile -ApplicationId TenantGlobal -FileName ($existingFile.Split("\") | Select-Object -Last 1) -Content (Get-Content $existingFile -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)
[System.IO.File]::WriteAllBytes($newFile, (Export-CsOnlineAudioFile -ApplicationId "TenantGlobal" -Identity $audioFile.Id))
Remove-CsOnlineAudioFile -Identity $audioFile.Id